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Why does micron rating matter?

Water filters with finer micron sizes are generally better as they can filter out smaller contaminants. Hydroflo can filter particles down to one micron, removing impurities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This includes bacteria, heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides and more.

healthy minerals.jpg

Are healthy minerals removed from water filters?

Fortunately, Hydroflo retains healthy minerals while removing harmful impurities so that you get the most out of your drinking water. Some people prefer reverse osmosis which removes particles as small as 0.001micron but this will filter out healthy minerals.

304 stainless steel.jpg

Why do we use 304 stainless steel casing?

This material is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It can also withstand very high temperatures and is valued for its high tensile strength. Unlike other plastic filters, Hydroflo is robust and will tolerate harsh Australian weather.

any tap.jpg

Can I access filtered water from all the taps in my house?

Yes! Our complete home filtration allows you to access cleaner water everywhere in your house. Treat your skin to healthier water when showering and drink tastier water from any tap.


How will the installation look?

The water filter should be installed near where your home’s main water line enters the building. The metal casing is sleek and modern, an aesthetic addition to your home exterior. It also comes in three different colours:

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